What is LDN?

Low dose naltrexone (LDN) is a little-known drug that is truly unique and represents a new frontier in the management of many medical conditions.

How does LDN work?

Naltrexone is an opiate receptor agonist when prescribed off label at very low doses is shown in many research studies to be of therapeutic benefit.

Originally approved by FDA for alcohol addiction in doses starting at 50mg. A couple of physicians, most notably Dr. Bernard Bihari in New York City, discovered the effects of a much smaller dose ranging from 0.5mg to 9.0mg can modulate the immune system. Consequently, the terminology Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) was born and shown to provide relief to those suffering from:

•autoimmune diseases
•chronic pain
•mental health challenges
•inflammation & more

Over the past ten years there has been a growing body of evidence that the body's endorphins (natural occurring opioids) have a critical role in regulating the immune system and providing pain relief. LDN's blockage of opioid receptors has been shown to upregulate endorphin production. In addition, LDN's blockade Toll Like Receptors is believed to contribute to the anti-inflammatory and immune dampening effects. LDN is available only by prescription and custom compounded at Dakota PrecisionRx Labs.

Are there side effects from LDN?

LDN is generally very well tolerated with limited adverse effects.

Some that have been reported are:

Flu-like symptoms. If this occurs for longer than 24 hours just give us a call and we can lower your dose. This is generally mild and should not last for more than 1-2 days.

Vivid Dreams. This is the most common side effect and will usually last only a few days. If you are bothered by this, please contact us and we will adjust your dose or time of dose to remedy this.

Cramping. This is a very rare.

It is important to understand that as an opioid receptor blocker, caution should be taken in patients who are taking opioid-type pain medications such as: Morphine, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Fentanyl.

How can I use LDN successfully?

The key to success in using LDN is an understanding that optimal dosing is very patient specific and not dependent on a set protocol.

The statement "every patient is different" is very true with LDN as dosing strategies vary tremendously.

Some patients find success quickly and others need to try creative dosing regimens which can take up to several months to achieve success. Therefore, it is critical for patients to work with a provider and compounding pharmacist knowledgeable in LDN dosing and build the Triad of Care to ensure success with LDN. Finding the perfect or near perfect dose of LDN can lead to life changing health benefits.

At Dakota PrecisionRx Labs we compound LDN daily and have taken countless patients through a successful, life-changing journey that has results in improved health and wellness. We take this protocol very seriously and will work with you and your physician to customize the right procedure for you and your specific needs. If you are interested in learning more about the LDN treatment, please call us at Dakota PrecisionRx Labs today!