Our pharmacy team works hard behind the scenes to advocate for patients to maintain access to vital medications

Please visit https://compounding.com/ for information on the severity of recent changes proposed that will limit access to compounded medications. You can urge your members of Congress to weigh in.


Dakota PrecisionRx Labs recently completed its fourth accreditation cycle with PCAB (Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board). PCAB is a division of ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Health Care) that is responsible for accrediting many health care settings including hospitals, dentistry, laboratory and assisted living facilities to name a few. Each accreditation cycle from PCAB is for three years.

What does this mean? Accreditation means our pharmacy ranks among the best compounding pharmacies in the country for compliance quality and safety standards. Maintaining compliance with ACHC means that Dakota PrecisionRx Labs benefits from consistent operational efficiency to be better prepared to deliver high-quality patient care. Having achieved our re-accreditation demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

The question needs to be asked, would you use a hospital, surgery center, medical office, etc. that is not accredited? Why would you get your critical compounded prescription from a pharmacy that is not accredited?

DAKOTA PRECISIONRX LABS - The only PCAB Compounding Pharmacy in North Dakota - It's What Commitment Looks Like!!